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I’m REALLY, VERY!!! disgusted with a lot of so called ”VIP’s” more like, obsessed fans who are BULLIES. You know that incident where that fan got really excited and hugged TOP really close? to where it looked like she tried to kiss him, but she DIDN’T, she said she didn’t and other fans who were there said she did not try, they just tried hugging each other on different sides. But some crazy ”VIP’s” did some research, found her Facebook, and her Twitter, posted her picture, calling her ugly and threatening her, saying she should kill herself, calling her a ”liar”, calling her a ”bitch. I’m disgusted by VIP’s right now. Bullying is disgusting and I fucking hate it!! just because you wasn’t the girl who got to hug TOP doesn’t mean you have to bully someone…so wrong. She had to put her Twitter on private and she seems sad, people should say, “I’m jealous, congrats on meeting him” not bullied and getting told to commit suicide.